Technical Details & White Paper

DataSar is a component of a much more comprehensive platform called IceBlox an (Intelligent Convergent Enterprise Platform built on Blockchain with Ai &ML)

IoT platform to address the following concerns/pain areas focused on manufacturing and smart cities.

• Quick Start (Plug and Play devices)
• Absorption of device integration complexities and easy access to WEB / REST API
• Secure
• Data Analytics support
• Monitoring of Machine Data
• Monitoring of process and Quality Data
• Predictive maintenance
• Scalable PAAS
• High availability
• Real-time information on figure tips to assist decision policy
• Connectivity with various platforms
• Data export as when needed
• Interoperability
• Cost-effective
• Open and Flexible architecture
• Sensors connectivity with 3rd Party systems

DataSar Brochure

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Composting as a Service Using IoT

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