A Multi-Faceted Technology Platform for Solutions in Manufacturing and Business Operations.


Business Need

DataSar IoT Platform, enables customers to get (automated, intelligent and highly secure) connectivity from the edge to the cloud in manufacturing, service, maintenance, asset  monitoring, supply chain, inventory, and logistics management.

DataSar offer a comprehensive, basic IIoT scheme to connect to your equipment, collect data, begin data/alert/notification workflows, deliver role-based dashboards, and more. DataSar monitors, reports, sends and exchanges data on a collection of interconnected physical device in operations where devices use sensors to measure specific aspects of the world around them, including location, temperature, humidity, light levels, movement, handling, speed of movement and other environmental factors. IoT devices come in many form factors including RFID chips, smart device and mobile sensors.

DataSar platform differentiation is to connects with multiple protocols and hence has ability to connect wide variety of Instruments, Sensors and Industrial automation products. It delivers IIOT solutions inside firewall (Edge and Fog Solutions) as well as on Cloud. Due to its architecture (inside firewall as well as on Cloud solutions) provides more security as compared to pure open platforms like AWS IoT

Generating set maintenance is based on time schedule instead of pre-detection of possible failures
Extreme Use Case conditions on field can not be monitored to refute warranty claims
Increased Down time for generating as there is no mechanism for early detection & indications of possible failures
Less efficient operation (possibility of additional DG Sets)
OPEX expenses are difficult to track for end customer ( Diesel Theft ?)

Requirement of dedicated onsite person to ensure Security of remote location DG set

Product Features



Monitoring vital parameters of asset


Ensure reliability and Security. The data is sent in the encrypted format, which is then transformed and forwarded apps.

Address issue

iCAM hardware and software workflow automatically closes the issue.


Generate Management Information Reports for OEM and Service Provider

Web Interface

Provide personalized Dashboard, Search and Reports

Raise Alarms

Raise alartm based on prognosis analysis

DataSar Visualizer

Machine Downtime

Downtime in manufacturing is defined as any period of time when a machine is not in production. The total amount of downtime a factory experience includes any stops during production that cause a loss of revenue for the company.

Downtime in production is separated into two different categories: planned and unplanned. Planned downtimes are scheduled and budgeted stops during production such as scheduled maintenance and product changeover. Unplanned downtime in manufacturing occurs when equipment that is scheduled to be in operation has an unexpected event such as equipment failures or running out of material occurs. Though all downtime has a price, it is pivotal for manufacturers to service their machines as a form of prevention to decrease the chances of unplanned downtime, a much costlier process.

Production Dashboard

 In the manufacturing industry, we juggle with a plethora of data that can make or break the company, hence the need for understanding and using them to their full potential through monitoring manufacturing KPIs for a modern management process. Real-time, automated online data analysis becomes a necessity since the need to generate actionable insights is required – yesterday. That’s why utilizing modern manufacturing analytics will enable you to focus on establishing an optimized process between the production, finances, quality, and other critical elements of the industry.

A manufacturing dashboard helps to monitor the most important production KPIs in one central point of access. It enables manufacturers to track and optimize the production quality and is a valuable analytics tool to manage all related manufacturing costs efficiently.

Energy Consumption

The convergence of sustainability pressures, rising energy prices, and insatiable demand will have a profound impact on our relationship with energy and its effect on the macroeconomy.

Concern over energy use and sustainability policy in industrial manufacturing facilities has been expanding for some time, but never at the current rate.

Beyond the obvious economic benefit of reducing energy quantity to increase operational margins, a more significant benefit is recognized
through reduced financial performance risk associated with short-term fluctuations in energy prices.

Monitor production and consumption metrics with energy dashboards. Track energy consumption and production, equipment downtime, and more.

Machine Utilization

Understand the different data types and challenges unique to manufacturing, dig into the state of manufacturing analytics, and learn what the future holds.

The capacity utilization measure is vital both for measuring a company’s efficiency in terms of using its resources, and in planning for the future. On one hand, using capacity utilization in your manufacturing analytics can pinpoint areas where your production line is being wasteful or inefficient by not maximizing the potential output. On the other side, low levels of capacity utilization can also indicate that resources may be over- or under-allocated, leading to better decision-making regarding ordering and long-term utilization strategy.



OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) – Framework for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of a process, by breaking it down into three constituent components (the OEE Factors). OEE helps you see and measure a problem so you can fix it, and provides a standardized method of benchmarking progress.It is the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity.

OEE is useful as both a benchmark and a baseline:

  • As a benchmark, it can be used to compare the performance of a given production asset to industry standards, to similar in-house assets, or to results for different shifts working on the same asset.
  • As a baseline, it can be used to track progress over time in eliminating waste from a given production asset.

Production Rejection Report

Rejection Analysis is a process of identification of quality and productivity-related problems which the key factors in the manufacturing process. Graphically displays potential causes of a problem. The layout shows cause and effect relationships between potential causes.


Customer Portal 

Customer service is an integral part of nearly every business. Its continuing importance is elevated by the constant expansion of channels in which interactions occur – driven predominately by social media.

Ensuring that customers’ issues, complaints, and information requests are dealt with promptly and efficiently is the core focus of this example dashboard.


Datasar Platform offers a scalable solution with a prognosis of things with respect to a signature. We believe Modern information and communication technologies like the cyber-physical system, big data analytics, and cloud computing, will help early detection of defects and production failures, thus enabling their prevention and increasing productivity, quality, and agility benefits that have significant competitive value.

Cloud Platform

Web Interface – Dashboard, Search and Reports.Device Data Storage, Real-time Analytics, Rules Engine, Push data to end pplication

Multi-protocol Support

Connect devices with MQTT, REST Using HTTP, Zigbee, WIFI, SMS etc.

Deployment options

SAAS and on Premises support

Flexible IOT platform

Work with us to customize and speed time to market for your IoT application Focus on solving your business problems, not reinventing the wheel.

Device Agnostic

Connect anything from any where. E.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.

IoT Implementations

Diesel Genset Use Case

Customer Use Cases for Diesel Genset (DG) Service IoT and Remote Monitoring.
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Vending Machine IoT

Customer Use Cases for Vending Machine Service IoT and Remote Monitoring
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Waste Composter IoT

Customer Use Case for Waste Composter Service IoT and Remote Monitoring
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Injection Molding IoT

Customer Use Cases for Injection Molding Machine 
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