Kangiten Technologies

It is all about Connect, Collect and Analyse data. A launched full stack of IOT platform – DATASAR to provide automation solutions across many business domains. Successfully deployed IOT Solutions in Digital Signage and Intelligent Capital Asset Monitoring.

Product Development with consolidated 40 years of experience

Kangiten Technology Pvt. Ltd is a Tech-Startup founded in 2018 with a vision of implementing Industry 4.0

We are focusing on building a platform for service IoT, that is an Intelligent capital asset Monitoring System having predictive maintenance. Datasar Platform offers a scalable solution with a prognosis of things with respect to signature

We believe Modern information and communication technologies like the cyber-physical system, big data analytics, and cloud computing, will help early detection of defects and production failures, thus enabling their prevention and increasing productivity, quality, and agility benefits that have significant competitive value. In the past We have built and deployed Hardware/Software applications in several business domains in India and foreign countries.

Vidyadhar Tilak

V M Tilak has an experience of 40 years. For the first 20 years, graduated from a post of the graduate trainee to a position of captain & for the next 20 years actively captaining own ships.
The journey began in 1973 and started a career with TELCO ( TATA Motors Ltd.). then other organizations like Cummins India Ltd as Manager CNC Machines, NELCO ( a TATA Group Company) Divisional Manager Industrial Automation Systems.
In 1994 started first own business venture Mobius Electronics Pvt. Ltd., the main business area of Mobius Electronics Pvt. Ltd. was Powerhouse optimization ( Patent) & CAM lobe design software
With serial entrepreneur of Tilak Auto Tech Pvt. Ltd., eTp and iETP manufacturing Pvt. Ltd
Mahendra Navaghane

Mahendra Navaghane

Co-Founder & Director, Tech Solution Architect

Mahendra heads Research and Development at the organization. With an extensive background in technology and a rich experience in providing consulting and design in a variety of domains, Mahendra primarily focuses on technology resources and developing the most advanced solutions.
Dinesh Sonsale

Dinesh Sonsale

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Dinesh has 22 years of experience in IT industries and contributed in various domains e-commerce, pharma, accounting, and IOT automation using cutting-edge technologies. His vision helped to shape concepts and product execution. The journey covers multiple domains, challenging technologies including Software, Firmware, Hardware, and enclosure with activities like designing, development, manufacturing, and certifications.
Abhishek Nag

Abhishek Nag

Exec. Director

Abhishek is an astute, innovative, passionate and dynamic entrepreneur and thought leader. Abhishek nurtures strategic, long-term relationships with everyone he works on, adding his brand of personal touch and energy to all his clients. Sales Strategy across ISV, International Organization and Enterprises are some of the areas where Abhishek’s thought leadership is widely revered.

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