During March 2018, Mahendra and I were struggling with a unique name for the new Information Technologies company.
We were looking for a name, which is unique, removing obstacles of customers with solution providers using intelligence and wisdom.
Also, this organization will generate prosperity for customers, stakeholders, employees, and society.

Then we had two names shortlisted Ganapati and Laxmi. Most of the names were already registered in ROC so we have to look for alternative words. Then we started from Eastern Asia, i.e., Japan. Then we finalized the name Kangiten Technologies which is approved by Registrar of Companies, India.

Kangiten inherits many names and characteristics from the Hindu god Ganesha. He is known as Bināyaka-ten, derived from the epithet Vinayaka; Gaṇabachi or Gaṇapati (Ganapati is a popular epithet of Ganesha) and Gaṇwha (Ganesha). Like Ganesha, Bināyaka is the remover of obstacles, but when propitiated, he bestows material fortunes, prosperity, success, and health.

Also, Bināyaka is said to be the destroyer of evil nature, solving the dispute and leading people towards moral ways.

In Japan, Ganapati is referred to as Kangiten and is associated with Japanese Buddhism. There are more than 250 temples in Japan, where Ganesh is venerated. Ganesh, the elephant-headed deity of Hinduism is the son of Shiva and Parvati.

And the Journey of Kangiten Technologies started…