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Intelligent capital asset monitoring

Datasis Platform offers a scalable IoT Solution with a prognosis of things with respect to a signature.

Product Deployment

Flexible deployment with options as SAAS or on Premises

First step towards Industry 4.0

Service IoT and Remote Monitoring

It is an IoT platform for connecting devices, device data collection, integrate with any cloud platform, Data forwarding, Data processing, and Data Visualization. It enables device connectivity, scalability, zero tolerance, and faster performance so you never lose your valuable data.

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Datasar IoT Platform

We are focusing on building a platform for service IoT, which is an Intelligent capital asset Monitoring System having predictive maintenance. Datasar Platform offers a scalable solution with a prognosis of things with respect to the signature.

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IoT WorkFlow


Connect device using REST API, GSM, LoRA, RF or MQTT.


Device data logger



Interpret data to conclude prognosis

Integrate and forward

Easy integration and data forwarding

IoT Implementations

Diesel Genset Use Case

Customer Use Cases for Diesel Genset (DG) Service IoT and Remote Monitoring.
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Vending Machine IoT

Customer Use Cases for Vending Machine Service IoT and Remote Monitoring
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Waste Composter IoT

Customer Use Case for Waste Composter Service IoT and Remote Monitoring
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Injection Molding IoT

Customer Use Cases for Injection Molding Machine 
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