Customer Use Cases for Diesel Genset (DG)

Service IoT and Remote Monitoring

Pre-Built Solutions for DG

DG sets enable organizations to continue their business in case of a power failure and help in circumventing expensive downtime. Generators, however, have become an expensive asset to operate for most organizations as it is not well maintained. In reality, if well managed, maybe by using diesel generator monitoring solution generators provide years of reliable service.

In this energy-intensive world, the demand for electricity is ubiquitous. To run commercial, industrial and household premises, we source energy from electricity grids. Power outages, load shedding and other main supply anomalies result in intermittent breaks in the electricity supply. A diesel generator (DG) set is the primary go-to arrangement in such a scenario.

Manufacturers are under constant pressure to minimize downtime, improve quality, and respond faster to individual customer requirements, all while lowering costs.

The DataSar Manufacturing Apps are pre-built solutions that can be installed in less than 60 minutes without disrupting production. These apps provide manufacturers with real-time visibility into factory floor operations, from individual dataSar’s to assets to plants to enterprise-wide operations.

The DataSar Manufacturing Apps and building blocks help you improve operational efficiency and workforce productivity across the shop floor by equipping workers with role-based apps that bridge IT and OT, enabling your teams to view, understand, and act on industrial data in real-time. These apps and building blocks are built on the DataSar Industrial IoT platform to accelerate time to value.

Manufacturers face challenges such as defective products, on-time delivery slippage, excessive scrap and rework, unacceptable equipment downtime, and supply chain disruption. As the number of assets and production facilities increases, it becomes more difficult to diagnose and react to these challenges in a timely and scalable manner. Such difficulties can have cascading effects on production schedules and translate to higher production costs, lost profits, missed order fulfillment and reputational damage. Information silos and manual data collection add complexity to making near real-time operational decisions.

It is imperative that its machines operate reliably and that parts and materials are available at every production step, to ensure that products being made meet quality standards. DataSar Manufacturing Insights from Kangiten leverages AI and machine learning (ML) techniques to provide answers to these challenges, by connecting data from man, machines, method, and materials for situational awareness.





Use On-premises or in the Cloud

Leverage DatSar IoT on-premises as part of your local IoT ecosystem or make use of the platform as a cloud service. Work behind your firewall while interfacing with edge gateways and cloud providers. If planning to use DataSar on-premises, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to explore the possibilities.

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Customer Use Cases for Diesel Genset (DG) Service IoT and Remote Monitoring.
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