Custom Software Product Development

A clear product management plan, consisting of product specifications, product roadmap, and implementation plans, is essential for the success of a software Product.

The design of a software product needs to be drafted prior to any development work beginning. 

A wireframe is a grid that the software UI designer places on a UI in the planning phase to define in which grid square different areas of an application are located. A wireframe divides areas with text and those with pictures. With the help of wireframes, the areas are defined on UI pages, which should get the most attention of the viewer or user. Important areas are therefore larger.

Kangiten starts design with a wireframe to make sure customers understand implementation in detail and provide suggestions. A wireframe or mock-up is described in the development phase. Before the actual content is set, the structure of the software product is defined with the help of wireframes. This includes certain content areas as well as navigation elements, logos, search functions, footnotes, menu bars, and much more.

Agile Process for Wireframe to the Production environment deployment

Wireframe to Production Deployment

Without a plan in place to guide development, distractions occur when new features or technologies are added that do not provide value to the customer. A startup that lacks a software product management plan ultimately ends up wasting time and resources as there is no clear direction for them to follow.

Many development companies rush into building the technical solution rather than spending time planning out the design of their product. The product’s design is the plan of how the product will look and function before it is developed. This leads to challenges as the developers now need to fit the design of a product around an already functional product, rather than creating a functional product from a design plan.

In addition, many designers are unable to efficiently communicate the importance of the overall design of specific design elements to developers. This leads to the developers cutting seemingly unimportant elements because they don’t recognize their importance.

Alternatively, a design could be created for a product that uses technologies and techniques that have not been fully tested yet making them unusable during development. New components that have never been used before means there significantly more work for the developers. Innovative designs could also result in interface issues where the Photoshop mockup or InVision prototype works fine, but the actual code version looks and works horribly.

Overall, one of the many challenges that software development companies face is that they struggle with when to design their product. Rushing into development without a clear design can lead to problems such as the creation of a product with poor UI and is not very user friendly. Additionally, not being able to communicate the importance of different design elements, and creating something that did not consider all of the different user perspectives to ensure it works as intended can lead to design based development challenges in the future.

KTPL Software Product development benefits of Agile when wireframing

  • Avoid software bugs: one of the main causes of bugs is when a component is changed and it affects other parts without the team knowing. Avoiding modifications can prevent software errors.
  • Control of modifications and versions: when you can share and review prototypes, it is easy to see who has made a modification, when, and in within which iteration. Keeping a register of changes, and who is responsible for what is essential.
  • Documentation: By generating documentation e.g. docs for registry and control, HTML for sharing among partners, and for testing/presentation, CSV for data, your information can always be edited and shared.
  • Avoid re-work: never underestimate the headaches a badly planned project can bring, and that’s why we have to organize for the unpredictable. Changes and modifications can be hard on your team and can cause stress and unwanted discussions, and drain time and resources. But, if the changes take place during the prototyping stage, the project can be coded in one single stage, with very few interruptions. Essentially, prototyping is the best way to fail.

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